RASCAL72 EG ARF WH/BLU .40/46 1830mm DNR


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RASCAL72 EG ARF WH/BLU .40/46 1830mm DNR


The "RASCAL 40 ARF" is now the "RASCAL 72 EG ARF"

The RASCAL legend began with a small rubber-powered free-flight model in the 1950s. Adapted for modern radio control, the RASCAL's classic good looks and dream-come-true flying characteristics have made it the favorite everyday airplane of thousands of R/C pilots.

Rascal 72 EG ARF Model Airplane
A removable hatch makes battery change quick and easy.
Rascal 72 EG ARF Model Airplane
Molded Clear Plastic Windshield And Side Windows
Rascal 72 EG ARF Model Airplane
Steerable Leaf-Spring
Scale-Like Tailwheel Assembly
Rascal 72 EG ARF Model Airplane
Flies Like A Dream!
Beautiful Transparent Covering Highlights Traditional Wood Structure

This re-design of the popular SIG RASCAL 40 ARF into the RASCAL 72 EG ARF gives you the option of using either glow or electric power.

Whichever power system you choose, you'll still enjoy the classic good looks and great flying characteristics of the legendary RASCAL design.

The SIG RASCAL 72 EG is a beautifully handcrafted all-wood ARF.

Assembly is fast and simple.

All the parts were CAD-drawn, laser-cut, and jig assembled, which means that everything fits the way it should.

Available in two color schemes, the RASCAL 72 EG ARF is meticulously covered with premium UltraCote (aka ORACOVER) transparent blue or red with white trim.

The SIG RASCAL 40 ARF was redesigned to accommodate either Electric or Glow power - thus SIG's "EG" designation. The glow power term "40" has been replaced with the RASCAL's wingspan "72".

The midsize RASCAL 72 EG ARF is the perfect size if the RASCAL 110 (110" wingspan) is too large or the RASCAL EP-49 (49" wingspan) is too small for you.

Also included in the kit are

a fiberglass cowl,
molded windshield and side windows,
quality hardware,
decals, and
an illustrated step-by-step assembly manual.

Rascal 72 EG ARF Model Airplane
Two-Piece Wing Is Easy To Transport and very Easy To Store
Rascal 72 EG ARF Model Airplane
Strong Aluminum Landing Gear And Fiberglass Wheel Pants
Rascal 72 EG ARF Model Airplane
500 - 800 Watt Motor; 50 - 60 amp ESC; Lipo Battery
Rascal 72 EG ARF Model Airplane
.40 - .46 cu. in. 2-Stroke or .40 - .54 cu. in. 4-Stroke
Wingspan: 72 in 1829 mm
Wing Area: 720 in² 46.5 dm²
Length: 51.75 in 1315 mm
Weight: 5 - 5.5 lbs 2268 - 2495 g
Radio Required: 4-Channel with 5 Standard Servos
Glow Power: 2-Stroke .40-.46 cu. in. (6.5-7.5 cc)
4-Stroke .40-.54 cu. in. (6.5-8.8 cc)
Electric Power: 500 - 800 watt (800 - 1000 kv) Brushless Motor;
50 - 60A ESC; Lipo Battery Pack

Combo includes the Aviastar .46 2 Stroke Glow Engine
Glow Engine Specifications
Displacement .46 in3 ( 7.53 cm3 )
Bore .886 in ( 22.5 mm )
Stroke .756 in ( 19.2 mm )
Practical RPM 1 900 to 16 000
Weight Ex. Muffler 13.4 oz ( 378 g )
Power 1.66 hp at 16 000 rpm
Shaft Size M 7x1
Muffler included

Additional Information

Type ARF
Price $329.00