P-51D MUSTANG, 1905mm SP.1.08-1.5 2C


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P-51D MUSTANG, 1905mm SP.1.08-1.5 2C


We know you have always had a soft spot for a P-51D Mustang, who doesn't? Maybe you were holding out for an easily built model. A kit you actually could enjoy building and flying! A kit that is a great value and not one that just sounded good until you found out you had to spend a fortune on necessary items that were "not included" - things like the landing gear! Who wants that! Only Balsa USA gives you a P-51D kit that you can actually afford and one that will be enjoyable to build too. For example, the wing sheeting supplied is 5" and 6" wide. You don't have to glue up dozens of 3" wide sheets. The fuselage sides are two pieces of diecut stock. The fuselage uses locking tab construction. All the formers, exept the firewall, lock into place on the fuse sides for accuracy and ease of building. How about pre-formed wing fillets, four sheets of full-size rolled plans, full width sheeting on the stab, vertical fin, flaps and ailerons! The landing gear, tailwheel assembly, and all the mounting hardware are included as well as all the parts necessary to install Robart retracts. The instruction manual is complete with over 180 large photos and illustrations. We didn't stop there either! Our Mustang kit is highly prefabricated with 32 precision diecut and jug cut parts to speed up assembly. A complete hardware package is included as well. There is even a 3-view drawing for the layout of the panel lines if you are so inclined! As for flying, this is a Balsa USA kit after all and if it didn't fly great, you wouldn't be reading this. This is the P-51D Mustang kit you have been waiting for! Kit

Rolled full size plans.
Illustrated instruction book.
Fall-out die cut parts.
AAA quality balsa,plywood & basswood.
Brand name hardware package.


Wing Span: 75in
Wing Area: 960 sq.in
Fuselage Length: 65in
Weight: 11 to 13lbs
Engine: 1.08-1.5 2stroke or 1.2-1.5 4 stroke

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Price $665.00