ALBATROS D5/D5a 1/3 SC. 3005mm WS


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ALBATROS D5/D5a 1/3 SC. 3005mm WS


Balsa USA welcomes into their line of exclusive Ultimate Series kits, the 1/3 scale Albatros D5/D5a WWI German Aircraft. Bigger, faster, stronger and more powerful than anything the allies, even the Americans have or are likely to ever have! With this new aircraft you will be able to sweep your enemies from the skies!


Aluminum Spinner
Highly detailed dummy engine
Two Spandau guns
Fuel tank
Third scale vintage wheels
Quality AAA Balsa
All wood construction
Precision jig-cut parts
Step-by-step photo illustrated instructions
Full size rolled plans
Fall out die cut parts
Molded ABS plastic cowl
Pre-bend landing gear
Name brand complete hardware package
1/3 Scale Mercedes DIII Engine Kit


Wing Span: 118 in
Wing Area: 3554
Flying Weight: 40-50 lbs
Fuselage Length: 94in
Engine Size: 4.9-6.1 cu. in., 80-100cc

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Price $2,275.00