1/3 STEARMAN, PT-17 2946mm (70-120CC)


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1/3 STEARMAN, PT-17 2946mm (70-120CC)


The Balsa USA 30% scale Stearman has been designed for those who want the very best. Their Ultimate Seriesâ„¢ kits redefine the concept of a complete kit.

All hardware items are included, absolutely everything - socket head bolts, aircraft lock nuts, Kwik-Links, threaded rods, scale fittings, Ny-Rods, etc. A separate plan details all the scale pinking tape and rib stitching to make your model a masterpiece. The complete step-by-step photo illustrated 41 page instruction book covers not only the basic construction, but also shows how to accomplish all scale details right down to panel lines and rivet detail in the cowl.

The landing gear is not only scale in detail, but function as well with working oleo struts. To complete the gear, scale tail and main wheels are included as well.


Totally Complete Hardware Package
Eight full Sheets of Rolled Plans
Fully Functional Scale Landing Gear with Oleo Struts
41 page Photo Illustrated Instruction Book
Scale Steel Fittings& Flying Wires
Scale Instrument Panels - For Both Cockpits!
Complete Leaf Tailwheel Assembly
ABS Formed Boot Cowl, LG Leg Fairings, Wheel Pants, Seats, Window Frames, and Tail Cone
Spun Aluminum cowl
Plug-in Wing panels
Spinner, Wheels, Ny-Rods, Pinked Tape, & Scale Screws
Formed Spruce Cabane & "N" Struts
Accurate Jig Cut Balsa and Plywood Parts
Exclusive Balsa USA Fall-Out Die Cut Parts
Scale Aluminum Panels with Scale Screws
Fuel and Smoke Tanks and More!


Wingspan: 116 in
Wing Area: 3617 sq in
Length: 92 in
Weight: 40 to 50 lbs
Radio: 4-Channel
Engine: 4.2 cu and up

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Price $2,350.00