1/3 FLYBABY LOW WING 112" SP., 2.0-4.0cu


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1/3 FLYBABY LOW WING 112" SP., 2.0-4.0cu


You Asked For It - You Got It! Back By Customer Demand!
Balsa USA welcomes back into our line of exclusive Ultimate Series kits, the Fly Baby Low Wing.

The 1/3 scale Fly Baby Low Wing has been designed to be extreme quick and simple to build. With scale folding wings, the model is very strong and delightfully simple to transport to and from the field. This is a giant scale model that will fit in almost SUV. Just unfold the wings, attach the flying wires, and go flying. Disassembly is just as quick and easy. Flight performance is absolutely outstanding and the realism in flight must be seen to be believed. Highly pre-fabricated, all complicated parts are either jig cut or precision die cut for ease of assembly. The hardware packages are totally complete. The hardware packages are even separated into different bags for the fuselage, tail, gear and wing parts. If you want truly complete, accurate scale model, that all the most difficult tasks are already done for you - the Fly Baby is for you. Another true masterpiece in scale modeling from Balsa USA.


Full sized plans - five sheets
Step-by-step Photo Illustrated instructions
Absolutely complete hardware package
ABS interior seat kit
ABS formed cowl
Scale ABS formed suitcase bomb
Formed ABS inspection covers
Aluminum instrument panel with instruments and rings
Scale aluminum panels with scale screws
Scale folding wings
Scale steel fittings - all pre-bent and drilled
Scale braided steel flying and sold steel brace wires
Easy to build, exact scale landing gear
Formed windshield frame with windshield
Formed scale tailwheel leaf spring assembly
Scale wheels and tailwheel
Accurate jig-cut plywood and balsa parts
Exclusive balsa USA fall-out die cut parts
Fuel tank and more!

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